6 Types Of Gardens That Create Ambience

Gardening can be viewed as a form of art, where the home owners use their space as a canvas for plants and vegetation that suit their creative style. Here are a few examples of garden types that you can incorporate into your home.

1. Tropical Gardens

Brightly coloured flowers and trees with large leaves are characteristic of this type of garden. These gardens are quite relaxing, giving one the feeling of being in a holiday resort somewhere in the South Pacific or Asian coast. The plants that are commonly found in a tropical garden include the Algerian Ivy, the canna lilies, hibiscus, banana and papaya trees.

2. Water Gardens

These are specific to aquatic plants like the water lilies, the cattails and the lotus. The water basins aren’t as deep as one would imagine because water plants require shallow waters in order to survive, and they’re also not that difficult to design. One can opt to include fountains and waterfalls for aesthetic quality, depending on what matches the design of your home.

3. Japanese Gardens

These emphasize on simplicity, which is reflected in the use of commonplace objects that are found in nature, like rocks and water. Ponds are usually strategically placed in areas where they can beautifully reflect the sun at different times of the day. The rocks are also laid out depending on their size and shape in order to create the illusion of hills in your garden. Plants that are commonly found in a Japanese garden include pine, the Japanese maple and the lotus.

4. Orchards

These are gardens that comprise of fruit producing trees. The grass is usually perfectly mowed, making the fruit gathering process easy. One can choose to grow lemon, orange and apple trees in their orchard. Orchards are great and fulfilling as one can go and pick their own fruits, squeeze out a glass of juice and enjoy it on a lawn chair while taking in the view.

5. Italian Gardens

Very symmetrical and beautiful, these gardens usually have statues and fountains that are meant to impress and appeal to guests, and evergreens that have been geometrically trimmed and manicured into a variety of shapes. They aren’t very colourful, and one can at most find red geraniums or roses which beautifully contrast the green garden. Consider the fragrant olive, myrtle and holly as plants to be grown in this type of garden.

6. Vegetable Gardens

These are mainly for growing herbs and vegetables that are used in the typical kitchen, like tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages and eggplants, just to name a few. They consist of several sections of land divided into areas that can accommodate one or two types of plants.