5 Tips To Build A Good Garden Shed

Would you like a shed in your garden where you can store all your unused household stuff, besides the various garden tools and machinery? There are basically 2 options in front of you to consider: you can certainly buy the garden shed that best suits the exterior of your home and your budget or you can build one. With the latter, it is good to conduct proper research before you embark on the process. You can do it yourself or opt to hire someone to assist and make the whole process easier. This article outlines simple, but helpful tricks that will make the process of garden shed construction as easy as taking an evening walk at the park with your spouse.

Design a sound foundation

A shed with a weak base will not last for long. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that the foundation of the shed is strong enough to support the unit before you proceed to the next step. You have to ensure that the concrete blocks and timber have been levelled properly. Hollow wall blocks are likely to make the foundation to crack with time. In addition, you should avoid construction of the foundation on a wet and low lying area because it is likely to crack over time.

Ensure that there is air circulation

Water is dangerous to wood. You should ensure that there is air circulation in the wood. Excessive moisture is likely to make the wood used in making floors and other parts to warp with time. Do not build next to trees because it will block direct sunlight and wind from reaching the shed, hence increasing the possibilities of rotting over time.

Construct weather resistant floor frame

It is wise to ensure that the floor frame is weather resistant. You can install the three tab roof shingles as opposed to using the shingles with architectural designs. When constructing the floor, it can be a wise idea to incorporate perimeter band joists, floor joists and mud sill.

Go for low-maintenance materials

Constructing and maintaining a shed can be very costly. To avoid the cost that comes with maintenance of the shed, it is good to ensure that you apply low maintenance materials during the process of construction. Most of the homeowners in the nation do not have time to keep their homes in order hence it is important to look for the low maintenance materials to avoid much hassle.

Ensure you select the right door size and placement

The size and placement of the garden shed door are among the things you cannot afford to ignore when embarking on your project. The door of the shed should be large enough such that you can ride a lawnmower with ease. Therefore, you should make sure that a mower can enter perfectly so that you are not compelled to remove the door in order to get the machine outside.